Sunday, 5 October 2014


If they don't talk with you,
then they talk about you.
But if you know yourself, then you
won't be harmed by what is said about you. 

When stories travel around, your first reaction is to ask what is being said so then you know whether your reputation is being damaged or not. But as lovely Dr Seuss says: "Those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind". Your close friends will know who you are and won't believe the lies that are being told.  The only way this can bother you is that it may damage your ability to meet new amazing people if there's a negative preconception about you. But wise John Wooden points out that you should "be more concerned with your character than with your reputation". 

When you know yourself enough, people will see past the lies being said about you when they meet you. The only time you should care about negative gossip is when they are being spread by people you trust. Then, should you go and investigate whether these people should continue to stay in your life. I hope this post inspires you, because I've realised I've become a stronger, more confident, person and I want to spread that love around so less people will be hurt by the negativity that sometimes comes into their life.

Lavender Blouse / H&M Jeans / PLUS+ Purse / Patent White Flats

Combination of colours and lovely purse puts this under 'Sweet & Lovely'.


  1. Thats the great thing about getting older, you don't care as much. You've whittled down your acquaintances to friends who make an effort and are worth the effort and idle gossip means nothing

  2. Great post chick, your so right. I think it's funny how things that woulda bothered me five years ago I no longer care about

  3. Beautiful outfit. Lavender looks so lovely on you

  4. Always love your style! ^^

  5. beautiful outfit, love it x


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