Tuesday, November 29, 2016


"I said, 'Oh my, what a marvelous tune'
It was the best night, never would forget how he moved.
The whole place was dressed to the nines,
And we were dancing, dancing
Like we're made of starlight...
Like we dream impossible dreams."
- Taylor Swift

D back at it again with his inspiration, this time about developing yourself and your passions. I don't care much for people with money, and I love intelligence as I feel like I can learn from them and grow... but nothing... nothing is quite like a person of passion. And their passion does not need to be one that is aligned with my own, a person speaking about something they truly love is captivating in its own right, the way they light up, the way they are filled with life as the words fall out like precious gemstones. And there I am, just staring and listening in absolute awe... People's passions feed my own curious mind, a mind that loves to see the beauty in everything. And a person who speaks of their passion brings beauty into that very subject, a perspective of devotion that is contagious.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


"You know you're hooked on fitness when 
taking a rest day takes more discipline
 than working out!"

The sizzling 'Australian Summer' is arriving, so how could I resist not devoting at least one editorial to what makes Australia, well, Australia. With the most amazing beaches, it makes all the sense to share it with you whilst also inspiring you to get active and stay fit. Bringing you the carefree Australian babe vibe with salt water hair, sun-kissed skin and sandy toned toned bods (yes that's a deliberate repeated word of 'toned' to emphasise this fortnight's article). Despite the title, I do not proclaim myself to be a bombshell, oh hell no. I don't think my under-aged Asian features can exude the amount of sexiness required to claim such a title. 'Bombshell' just looked good next to the word 'beach' because of 'shell'. Yeah, that's my simple random mind for ya! I just don't think sexy works for a girl without curves like me, when my upper body is as flat as a plank. But don't worry, I still love myself just as I am. And you should too, the best possible version of yourself that is.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


"The one thing she wants me to do is to marry someone
 who loves me more than I love him, because a woman will always give
 even more than they need to... we're selfless beings, it's maternal.
 Even with her husband she said it will be that way with them as well... 
They will only meet you half way if they love you a little more." 
- Rihanna

My father has always told me this: "Find someone who loves you more than you love him". And I didn't understand it at the time, even now I'm not sure if I have fully understood it. It sounded selfish, if not selfish, it sounded miserable... Why would I want to be with someone who I didn't love as much as I could love someone else? Wouldn't I be happier if I was with someone I truly loved to the deepest of my capabilities? I think the most important part about this is the advice came from my father, not my mother, so for a male figure to tell me that I should find a man that loves me more than I love them... that's something...

Tuesday, October 18, 2016


"Cheating isn't always kissing, touching, or flirting. 
If you have to delete text messages so your partner
doesn't see them, you're already there."

The truth is every man is tempted to cheat, the goal is to find someone who is strong and smart enough to resist such a temptation. Asking M how he resists from being curious about other women after years of dating his current girlfriend, he replies, you just need to change your life up so you don't get bored, you need to know that often the problem is not with the girl but with the surroundings.

This is what I call a smart man. The goal is not to find an unattractive man, a stupid man or an extremely kind man because even unattractive, stupid, kind men cheat. Find a man with a strong moral compass with an even stronger will to fight temptation. Someone who fights for you everyday. Otherwise, be ready to have to deal with cheating. Because to be with someone for more than 60 years, a man is bound to be curious about the other women around him, those younger than you, funnier than you or simply more mysterious than you.

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