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Monday 15 January 2024


"Love is precisely what comes after all that. When the spell is over. 
Then, during dinner, you're happy to be quiet, because you're at peace. 
To love someone, you must really know them. 
How can you love someone you don't know?"
- Damian (Berlin)

Not a single post in 2023. What a year. From flying across the world for Coachella which was a dream ever since I was 18, to quitting my career as a lawyer, and moving out of home and into my own for the first time. All whilst continuing to build my two businesses. 2023 was wild. In 2023 I completely forgot about my blog. That is until a friend hit me up at the end of 2023 asking for some advice about how to start/grow one. And today, the first month of 2024, I revisited it. My last post was in May 2022. So the question is, what has changed in the last year and 8 months? 

With everyone getting engaged and married this year, and my life crisis not too long ago, I'm constantly analysing my position on love and partnerships. Re-reading my last post saddened me: "Fantasising the moment I would meet 'the one', romanticising it all. But at 18, my family showed me that 'love' could kill you and at 19, my first relationship made me realise a relationship alone cannot keep you fulfilled for the rest of your life." Now 7 years into a relationship and everything has settled into peace and comfort, I question whether romance is dead or alive. Love is one thing, romance is another, just like lust and also passion. They can all be mutually exclusive.

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