Tuesday, February 7, 2017


"If I die young bury me in satin
Lay me down on a bed of roses
Sink me in the river at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song"
- The Band Perry

Sorry James Dean but your quote "Dream as if you'll live forever. Live as if you'll die today" is a stupid quote. Because if I were to die today, I'd rob a bank and spend that money on crazy things. But I must admit, coming to terms with the fact that one day we will be dead, really puts things into perspective. One day a lot of things won't matter anymore, so why should it matter so much today? We could be dead tomorrow (no exaggeration). 

1) The morbid thought of death then gets me asking myself: what is really important to me then? What exactly are we living for? What are YOU living for? What are you trying to get out of life? Is it fame? Is it power? Is it respect? Is it love? If money is your answer then that's a stupid answer. Dig deeper, what is it that money signifies that you want? Material things, luxuries, comfort, financial freedom? The sooner you find out what drives you to live, the sooner you're on your way to achieving your goals. 

2) Next question, why is it that you want it? We work hard to get into a good school, to get into a good paying job. Why? Is it for money? Prestige? Why do we work so hard for it? I'm not saying don't work hard for money, or prestige, or whatever it signifies for you. What I'm saying is pause, and ask yourself why do you want it so much? Then you know whether or not you're wasting your life on something that doesn't even mean much to you. Going with the flow has been my way of life for a long time. Work hard, get good grades, get into a good university, get into a good job... But is that what you really want, and if so why? Work hard, but most of all, work with a purpose, and let that purpose be to attain what makes you feel worth living for.  

3) And last question... once you have it, what then? What's next? Once you have love, married and have kids? What's next? Once you land that prestigious high-paying job, what's next? Once you've earned the respect of all those around you, what's next? The truth is, we will never stand still. Rarely are humans satisfied with stopping once they have achieved their first goal. The chase is endless. So be careful with the 'chase'. Never lose sight of the fact that you could die tomorrow. Make sure you are sacrificing the things that truly lack significance in your life, because once you sacrifice it, it may never come back again. (You let her go so you could chase the world, well you ain't ever gonna find a woman like her again). 

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