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"The future has many names. For the weak, it's unattainable. 
For the fearful, it's unknown. For the bold, it's ideal." 
- Victor Hugo

The kingdom of Middle-earth; you don't have to be a Lord of the Rings nor Hobbit fan to be completely mesmerised and obsessed beyond speakable words when faced with the pulsating beauty that this land possesses. To stand before the grand physique of Mother Nature, being bold is an understatement. To stand before all that she is, brings out all that you are. Do not be weak, do not be fearful, embrace all that is around you, and embrace all that you are. 

A photo speaks a thousand words, let these photos speak a million.  

In a land of such beauty, we need to learn to put down the camera and just let the environment around you merge with your soul. Breathe. Let your surroundings take hold of your clouded busy mind. Cleansing, crisp, in touch with your senses. No thoughts of studies, of careers,
of boys, of family. In this moment nothing matters. Just you, just you and your surroundings. You are in touch with the natural world and you are in touch with your soul. Every deep breath of awe is filling your lungs with life.

I wish to address a problem I recently realised that I have, and it's quite a serious one that I'm sure many of you suffer as well, the epidemic of the 21st Century. It is the disease of constantly taking photos, of over sharing, of never being in the moment. How is this a problem? What's wrong with taking photos? I'm sure we've heard enough people complain about it before. There is a majority of people, not so much myself, who take photos of appetizing food, except by the time they're finished with photos the food isn't even nice anymore, either hot food turned cold, or cold food melted.  My problem is a slightly different one, instead of food I over-take photos of scenery to the point where I don't even remember ever enjoying the view, or any recollection of even being there.

With the camera we don't fully appreciate the surroundings. We are not cleansed, we don't experience the full therapeutic quality of the sublime nature before us. What I loved most about New Zealand was no doubt the majestic snowy white mountains,  my absolute favourite spectacle to become mesmerised by: Absolute awe, 'jaw-dropped, bright-eyes-wide-open' type of awe. It's a favourite because these mighty giants are the rare things that are capable of making us physically look up. And in life we don't look up enough, from our phones, from our books, from the faces, from anything. And don't look up through a camera lens or phone. Look up with your naked eye. Unfiltered. Honest. Real. The glass has a tendency to remove the honesty of what we see before us. It feels like we're just sitting at home looking through a screen. Filtering the truth and reality. But no, you really are here, so take advantage of the experience and capture all the essence through the naked eye, straight into the soul and stored in your heart forever.

I guess this is why I love stargazing so much as well. Not because they look like a girl's best friend, but because they make you look up. The experience is wasted if you're just there to take photos and show others to make them jealous when you return home. Photos are just photos. Flat memories. You only get from the photos a fragment of what you truly experienced in the moment of capture. Make a real experience so there is a true memory lying in that photo. To be honest Taiwan is what I call a flat memory for me. I brought 4 cameras (including mobile phone) and 3 lens and for most of the trip I was looking through glass. There was no real memory with those photos except pretty scenery. Pretty scenery that can be obtained from Google. What truly is priceless is the memory of the feeling the place made you feel. So when you look back at the photo a flutter of the feeling returns. I look back and I hardly feel anything. And that is the saddest of all.

You've all experienced it before, selfies or landscape photos. You take 1000 photos of the same thing and all you are doing is giving yourself a future burden to sift through 1000 photos to find one to share with family and friends, or the world as it is with social media these days. I'm 100% guilty. And to be very honest this is something I realise I need to change. Holidays used to be fun and soulfully moving until over sharing began. We forget to be in the moment because we're too busy thinking about sharing it with others. There's nothing wrong with wanting to take a photo. The problem begins when it becomes excessive. Take one or two snaps then put the camera away. Let your eyes do the rest of the capturing and store it in the secret compartments of your beautiful mind.   

My wondrous adventure to New Zealand was a journey like no other, fuelling the curious thrill-seeking heart. One could not hold back but play 'I See Fire' by Ed Sheeren on replay throughout such a dream-like endeavour. New Zealand has been a dream, constantly having me question myself whether this is reality. In no exaggeration whatsoever, every turn, every glance, every blink of the eye leads you to something spectacular and photo-worthy. Hence why it is both a photographer's best dream and worst nightmare as there is such an overwhelming amount of photos I have burdened myself with to review after this trip (yes, sadly I have not yet completely cured my excessive photo-taking syndrome). These photos alone were from one day only, the most wondrous scenic day of all: Milford Sound.

I am by no means falsely magnifying how impressive this country, at least the South Island, is. My Instagram photos are proof (and these photos too). The initial plan was to travel to Europe but with my surgery we adjusted the plans and headed to the kingdom of Middle-earth instead. And no regrets whatsoever as I would recommend anyone who loves nature to visit this magnificent place, definitely before you die. It has opened my mind and changed my life forever, the way that travelling should do. The powerful snowy mountains has empowered me on such a spiritual level. It's like I can 'move mountains'.

However New Zealand was indeed scenic-overload, to ever think that was possible. The last few days we were so overwhelmed by the scenic paradise, we became visually and emotionally numb to it all. And I cannot say whether this was a good thing. To lose the emotion of wonder and awe is a repercussion such a place may cause. A sensation I prize my life over. Hopefully a few days back into the mundane of daily life will revitalise such emotions.

*I am aware in my Taiwan article (The Purest Love) I mentioned I probably won't be doing any more non-fashion related ones, but seriously, look at this natural wonderland.


  1. #Candid

    1. Thanks Rob for summing up our NZ trip with hashtags <3

  2. wow! Such a beautiful photos! this place is Amazing! love it!


  3. I love your writing style, it tells a beautiful story. These photos are incredible -- makes me want to visit there someday :)


  4. omg these photos tho louise, totally postcard worthy! not to mention the selfie-ception.. hahaha x)

  5. OMG so Beautiful! you are definitely lucky. <3


  6. breathtaking :) so beautiful Pictures :)


  7. Very nice! follow me on gfc and i follow you back! kiss!

  8. I would love to be there right now! Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing! =)

    - Cielo
    Mermaid in Heels

  9. Your photos look wonderful
    I agree sometimes we just need to put the camera away. I love capturing the moment but sometimes things can be over done. I think you can get a nice balance of taking a photo and living in the moment - not over doing it
    Garland Girl

  10. OMG! These pics are spectacular. It must be amazing seeing such beauty. Thx for sharing with us, Louise.

  11. Bom dia!
    Gostei muito de conhecer o seu blog e as fotos ficarão maravilhosas.
    Eu estou achando que ele é muito estiloso, tem uma visualização muito bonita e é cheio de informação útil.
    Dé uma passadinha no meu blog, você vai adora ele tanto quanto eu adorei o seu.
    Se gostar, me siga. Mas se você não gosta.......
    ME SIGA mesmo assim!!! rsrsrs


  12. You're so lucky person in the world !!
    Beautiful place and nice post :)


  13. I just want to hug you right now. I love how you make your photos really very stunning and full of stories <3 You keep it up, you inspire me!

    Lou | wander-soul.net

  14. I really love you photos and especially - you words! You touched a very important issue, as we do often overdo the photographing and the sharing part of the trips instead of enjoying them. The same goes for every aspect of the modern life, actually!


  15. Oh goodness, how beautiful, these photos are beyond stunning! You really convinced me of visiting this beautiful country! And I agree, life should be lived through eyes, not your lense, but I agree it's hard to put your camera away and enjoy the view without saving it on image forever. Anyhow, beautiful photos!
    ♡ IMKE | Pastellics

  16. These photos are absolutely gorgeous and while I totally agree with you about putting down the cameras, I'm so glad that you managed to share this with us all!

    Marina | Marina-Simone

  17. These photos are breathtaking!!! :) Thank you for sharing!!!


  18. Woow your blog layout is just amazing
    loving your pictures too
    looks cold where you are but sooo beautiful


  19. Fantastic post dear! Hope you have a lovely day.

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  20. Thank you for sharing such beauty! I'm loving all your posts! Really easy to stare for a long time to your beautiful pictures! Thank you for visiting my blog, I really liked your last post and this one doesn't stay behind

    Natalia | Lindifique

  21. Amazing photos dear !!
    please follow me :) COLORFUL THOUGHTS

  22. OMG!! this foots are mesmerizing!!! What an adventure, I really wish to visit there someday, thanks fro sharing you fabulous pictures they make me dream.
    Glamoury Armory Blog 

  23. I have just recently started blogging. I have to say, your posts are one of a kind. Your thoughtful writing style and photographs truly stand out. This summer, I decided to leave my Canon at home during day trips with my 4 year old. For example, we took her first fairy ride this summer and I snapped only a couple of pictures with my iPhone. My memory of her first fairy ride (for example) will live inside of me because I observed her with my eyes. Her laughter and emotions are part of my memory that no camera can capture. I do believe true remembering of a beautiful moment lives inside of us and not in a pictures. Thank you for this wonderful post. :)
    Michele xx


  24. Hi Louise! Can I just say... I love your blog! I just recently stumbled upon it and i can't wait to read you other entries! I really think it's one of the most unique blogs I've ever seen :-)

    - http://dgzmn.blogspot.com

  25. love love this!!
    kisses from dubai ♥

  26. Wow these images are so beautiful and make me want to head back to NZ! Thanks for sharing this hun xx

    Would love if you could check out my page xx

    Helen xx

  27. Nice photos :)
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    Maria V.

  28. wow but these photos are so gorgeous!! They needed to be captured! Love your blog

    Frank Vinyl | Enter my Freepeople Giveaway!

  29. Awesome! These pics can be placed in a National Geographic magazine

  30. Have always believed that our eyes are the best camera in the world and our brain is the best computer... but again, we now have the camera, the phone, the social media and the list goes on. yes, like you said here, it can be daunting... guess it is to know when to stop, and when to come back to it again.

    Amazing landscape beautifully captured (it would not have been possible if you had put away your camera *_^), New Zealand is one of the places that one must visit, from the looks of it.

    Over-sharing... yes. let me make a mental note on this one. Must ... keep... reminding... myself. thanks!

    With love,
    Jeann | LUMINNEJ


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