Tuesday, 22 September 2015


"Silence is the sleep that nourishes wisdom" 
- Francis Bacon 

Traveling allows you to reach out and understand yourself. I've learned that I can be a real introvert sometimes. 4 straight days with some really chatty but good close friends and by the 5th day I had to zone out and distance myself. They thought something happened, that I was upset but I was fine, the only thing was that it had been a little too much. The accommodation in Queenstown for the first 4 days was 4 people in one room. Going to sleep with us all laughing at some stupid joke and waking up with them pulling my blankets off and jumping on my bed. Introverts re-energise by having alone time, extroverts re-energise by socialising. Thankfully by the 5th day in Dunedin we had our own house, with multiple rooms and I was physically able to breathe and have some space. Dunedin is Edinburgh's old Celtic name and means Edin on the Hill, and this surely was a beautiful home up on the hills.

Second to Twizel's accomodation, Dunedin was high up on my list not only because of the magnificent vast view but it even had sheep in it's very own backyard, or frontyard... and sideyard. Really, they were just everywhere. And for the entirety of the trip the joke was on me, on me that I was to 'mount one of them'. And eventually I did, a statue version only of course. Though I must say, anything else and it would be animal cruelty. So there was that 'mounting' joke and then also my strange compulsive behaviour to yell 'SHEEP' every time I see them whilst on the road. But seriously, they are everywhere. Evidence of 3000 right here.

Dunedin was the only accommodation that did not provide WiFi. So for 3 days I was without WiFi and it was the best feeling. Just occupying time by staring at the beautiful scenery inside this lovely house that sat far away up in the hills, with my earphones and delving into my thoughts and music. Away from my friends even. Just you and me world.

*Apologies to my mother for freaking her out because I didn't reach out to her in the 3 days due to lack of WiFi. Love you Mum! 

Portraits courtesy of Angela Wang

Lareina Nude Vest / Uniqlo White Sweater / D&G Leather Belt / Lareina Black Winter Pants / Lareina Black Ankle Boots


  1. Great post I like your photos

  2. STUNNING photos! Love your outfit as well!


  3. beautiful place and look!!

  4. Very nice photos !


  5. This place is GORGEOUS. I'd love to visit - i also LOVE your pictures. You're so stunning and it looks so professional

    Rebecca xo | rxbxcca.blogspot.com

  6. stunning!
    back to sharing the love from the sandpit...

  7. Amazing outfit, love the pics!


  8. The view is amazing, and you look gorgeous!

  9. WOW stunning ! you should do modeling for real you are good at posing !
    Love the article :)


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