Tuesday, 20 October 2015


"Let ourselves be seen, deeply, vulnerably... Practice gratitude and
 joy in moments of terror. To feel this vulnerable means you are alive. 
Believe you're enough, when we work from a place
 that we believe we're enough, we stop screaming and start listening, 
we are kinder and gentler to those around us and to ourselves."
- Brene Brown 

I came to a realisation recently that there is a real sense of vulnerability in what I do here. Despite the various images and styles I portray, ironically there is a face with The Faceless Style. People tend to be chameleons in life (to various degrees). We present a different side of ourselves, visually and mentally, depending on who we are interacting with, whether that be our parents, our siblings, our friends or our bosses. The real vulnerability here is this, there is nothing for me to hide behind. You read these honest words as I have typed them, and you see these photos as I have placed them here, the same ones seen by my parents, my parents' friends, my siblings, my siblings' friends, my friends, and so forth.

Vulnerability arises from a fear of disconnection, a universal human trait. I have mentioned in the past that I used to be that invisible girl in school that avoided interaction to avoid shame and disconnection. And the sad reality was, the more you acted that way, the more you would be disconnected. Vulnerability is a life long endeavour to overcome but I have accepted a lot for my 20 years so far. The fact that I am brave (or stupid) enough to put images of myself here is proof enough. Because image is a vulnerable thing, people judge, and this is why I feel so uncomfortable about people seeing this particular article in fear of misinterpretation (let's not scroll down too quick before you read my words).

People need to know that like many artists such as models and actors, I don't see myself in the work I create. The idea of 'Faceless' embodies this in the very way that there is no real identity or 'face' in the person sprawled all over this blog. I look at these photos in third person. The numerous identities (sweet and lovely, sophisticated elegance, seriously edgy, sexy stunner, sick tomboy and so boho) are all characters, none which truly reflect me as an entire person. Sometimes I'm not sweet, sometimes I'm not sophisticated, sometimes I'm not edgy or sexy... Alternatively sometimes I'm a combination of a few of these things. The beauty of 'Faceless' lies in my opportunity to explore the individual elements of my personality creatively as exaggerated characters.

Anyway, don't read too much into these images. I'm rarely risque as a person, but it's good to push past comfort zones in order to learn and grow. Enjoy these photos for what they are which is amazing art. I was blessed to finally have had the chance to collaborate with the amazingly talented Evelyn from Createve Dip where her extraordinary vision consisted of a contrasting studio series between edgy and soft, a perfect representation of the idea behind 'Faceless'. Alter egos are personas you throw on and it's strange how I can be on two opposite sides of one single spectrum (comes from being raised with two brothers whilst also growing up obsessed with princesses). Like I said, the best part of 'Faceless' is having the freedom to create characters and bringing them to life, so let me introduce you to these two females.

Adri is the dark fearless female who is a dangerous risk-taker. She doesn't give a two cents about the opinions of others and when her eyes are set on something, she is unstoppable. She is ambitious, strong, and almost emotionless. Adri is sculpted by the presence of the men in her life, often confused as one of the boys, and she doesn't mind getting her hands dirty. Think: Rihanna, Angelina Jolie, Naomi Campbell.

And meet Daisy, the sweet, vibrant, and coy girl with a very modest and caring heart. She is compassionate towards all those around her and sees the best in everyone. Sunshine radiates around her soft nature. Always polite and never out of line, Daisy is like a ballerina doll dancing on a tightrope. Her every movement is art. She is like a daydream. Think: Carrie Underwood, Miranda Kerr, Natalie Portman.

ADRI wears DX2 Leather Jacket / H&M Divided High Waisted Jeans 
/ Forever 21 Ring / H&M Stack Gold Rings
ASOS The Crop Bandeau

DAISY wears Review Pink Lace Dress 
Lareina Sky Blue Midi Dress


  1. very sexy pictures


  2. So pretty! Just love your amazing pictures, you just look so gorgeous.


  3. I am so impressed. You are truly creative, smart, beautiful and unique. :)


  4. Beautiful pictures, I love the dress in picture two!

    Hugs & Kisses

  5. You look amazing in every photo. Black leather jacket and denim pants are my favorite :)

  6. Wooow I love your pictures
    super sexy !!!
    I love your confidence
    you make a lovely model


  7. Like the third photo :)
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    Maria V.

  8. Amazing and beautiful photos. You look so good.
    Yes sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zones if we want to grow as an individual. Great post! :)


  9. This is such a lovely post! Have a great weekend dear.

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  10. oh wow, you're looking so stunning and gorgeous in these pics *_* Happy weekend dear :)

  11. I loved reading your thoughts on this subject, especially when you mentioned that you look at the images as a third person. It's true that putting yourself out in the digital world can be scary and put you at a vulnerable position but it's often worth it when the work you do is so amazing :)

    a small bit | bloglovin | twitter

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  13. I like all the different looks you created. You are very creative! Have a nice weekend!


  14. Beautiful photos, I love these styles! Have a great weekend :)


  15. Your photos are really stunning!

    and hey I agree with this,

    "because image is a vulnerable thing, people judge"

    The North Kid by Pam de Guzman

  16. Wow beautiful photography! Nice blog you have


  17. These photos are very artistic and stunning. I love the fierce looks <3 I see the different side of you :)

    Have a nice day!


  18. girl - the one in leather jacket tho! so fierce i love it!

  19. Amazing photos, you look incredible!!!


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  24. Wow your pictures are gorgeous ! love the one with the leather jacket :)

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