Monday, 7 December 2015


Here's to the weirdest, rudest, but wisest
and funniest human being I know... 

One of my biggest inspirations is not some celebrity, but someone closer. With full credit to my parents, especially my mother for being the perfect, intelligent, loving female figure in my life, I'm sending gratitude in an unusual direction this time. To one person who has never actually heard sincerity in my sarcastic voice before: my older brother.

I'm sure he knows how much of an influence he is to this annoying younger sister of his, but I think my readers deserve to hear some of his inspiring thoughts that I have been so lucky to be surrounded in day in and day out. In all fairness, it is inspiration clouded in the wrangling, in the head-locks, and in the stupid insults received daily. So no need to thank me for filtering through some of his rudeness to present to you some highly valuable words of wisdom.

1. It's only awkward if you make it awkward - this is one of the top advices I have ever received from him. Whenever I feel a hint of awkwardness, his voice just incepts my mind and I am reminded that as long as I don't feel awkward, it doesn't end up awkward. Just play it off cool. Gone! No more awkwardness because you are so damn awesome you just walk it off.  

2. Be a goddamn baws - when you want something, just go and get it. Simple. That level of confidence is something I strive for and I don't believe it should reside in just men. Women can do it too. Live life with a little attitude and style.

3. People are stupid - ourselves included. Don't believe everything you are told. Even our own mind falls for illusions and false ideas. It's the human brain. Once we are persuaded enough that something is true, we tend to manipulate every single fact we are presented just so it remains true.

4. Converse about politics or religion with great care - politics and religion are sensitive topics, if you don't know how to talk with an open non-judgmental mind, avoid it altogether. Otherwise, talk with caution. Beliefs tear people apart. Like I have said above, people manipulate information that goes against their beliefs just so theirs remain in tact. When you have two opposing beliefs, people are internally torn and externally lash out. If you want to retain a peaceful relationship with someone, avoid talking about politics or religion.

5. Intelligent kids aren't necessarily smart - life smart > book smart. Just because you're top of the class doesn't mean you'll be at the top in your career. Or even more, top of the class doesn't mean you're going to top life. A successful life is not measured by grades. I quoted my brother before I learned the same lesson from Einstein.*

6. Debate don't argue - debating is intellectually stimulating and you become smarter at the end of it. Arguing a point is... well, pointless. In debates you lead with an open mind, in arguments you speak with emotions. When faced with opposing views, have an open mind and learn to understand why they think what they think, you may just be wrong and the good part is now you're smarter. It's win-win.              

7. Accept it; you're wrong - leading from the point above, learn to accept it when you are wrong. It's easier to accept this when there aren't any emotions involved in the debate, no ego. You grow and become better only when you accept you are wrong. Continue with your delusion and you'll keep bumping into the same wall, only making you more stupid. The smartest thing a person can do is accept the fact that they're wrong. 

8. Don't give up - your mind gives up a hell lot earlier than your body does, in the context of working out (advice I received when training with him). It's true. When you run for an extended time, and your whole body is in pain, you only stop because your mind tells you it's time to stop. If you can push past that mentality, you can go so much further. Your body is far more capable than your mind let's you believe. Beyond physical exercise, this mentality can be applied into all other aspects of life.

9. Don't complain about growing older - "I'm so olddddd" yup we've all heard it before, maybe even guilty of saying it. As the wise annoying older brother says, we shouldn't complain about growing older. Some are not so fortunate to grow older. If you don't grow older you're, well... dead. Amongst all the other things we complain about, just appreciate what we have/are.

10. Don't stress over the small things - you're not going to make it big stressing over the small things, focus on the bigger picture. Otherwise you'll never be one of those people who do big things, and achieve big things.

11. Think it's impossible and you will never achieve it - What you think, you become. You think it won't be possible to get rich then you're damn right you're never going to get rich. Impossible to get that Ferrari or Lambo? Yeah well then you're probably not. Change your mindset. You can get that Ferrari if you think you can. Whatever you think you can then you will.

12. If you're afraid, you're never gonna learn - We were talking about pushing past fear and sparring with his instructor when no one else was brave enough to. Taken out of context, you can apply it to everything else in life. Throw yourself out of your comfort zone to grow. The only thing limiting you is your own fear.

I think it's amusing how my brother's car modification to his rims a few months back, called plasti dip where he added a coat of black over his silver rims, had people dubbing his car 'Stormtrooper'. Because back in late June whilst out on my photo-shoot for this article, it started to absolutely pour! So if you look closely at the photos, the windows are actually wet and so is my jacket... and hair. The things we do for creative expression.

Before I end this article, I want to share one last thing, my older brother was the one that flipped that switch in me to share this blog to the world. Without his one word of validation, most of you won't know this blog's existence. Today is his birthday, and 3 days ago was the anniversary of 'The Faceless Style', so this article is in celebration of them both. Seeing how far 'The Faceless Style' has come in so little time, despite how much further it has still yet to go, I am so thankful for his existence. Without him there would be no 'Faceless Style' nor the person I am today.

* 'Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.' - Einstein

ASOS Crop Top with Bardot Sweetheart Neckline / TEMT Varsity Jacket /  Mavi Gold Denim Jeans
H&M Gold Rings / Nike Womens Sweet Classic High (Black) 

Lexus IS F
Performance: Injen Cold Air Intake / ISS Forged DES Exhaust
Handling: BCBR Coilovers with Swift Springs / Advan RS-D (20x9 Front, 20x10 Rear)
Exterior: Black Pearl Emblems / Rear Roof Spoiler / Blacked Out Lower Rear Bumper / Flame Blue Brembo Calipers


  1. You look amazing! AAA I am in love with your style. Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


  2. Are you kidding me?
    So stunning! I love the car! I love you. So amazing.

    Support as always!

  3. Sounds like you and your brother are pretty tight, despite that oh-so-normal sarcasism that siblings would throw at one another *_^ yes! Don't complain about growing older, some may not be that fortunate, that is one good one!

    Funny how this post looks like a car advert, yet sounds like a genuinely lovely tribute of one younger sister to her lovingly caring brother, while reading through it. I think you made a smart move here *_^ you definitely look like a young fierce confident looking lady who has definitely rubbed off that degree of intelligence from your brother!

    Now you are making me a little curious how does your brother look, are you both quite similar in style and taste? Haha

    Thanks for dropping by LUMINNEJ! By the way, happy belated birthday to your bro *_^

    With love,


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