Tuesday, 10 May 2016


Sure, I'm a pretty girl
Up in a pretty world
But they say pretty hurts
And I don't wanna sit still
I'm a pretty girl
Up in a pretty world
But no, I won't sit still, look pretty
- Daya (Sit Still, Look Pretty)

Back at it again, photoshooting with this food blogger babe. Would you believe us if we told you that we rocked up with really similar outfits by accident (including denim jacket and black purses not in sight here)? How cute that we share such a connection. We also shared a common sweet tooth, indulging in dessert for brunch because we really don't care much for social norms when dessert looks so good (though my stomach didn't agree it was a good idea for the rest of the day, so I recommend probably getting one of their savoury meals for brunch instead).

Dressed up as little matcha girls, we looked very much at home in this cute minimalist cafe serving Japanese-French inspired patisserie. Cute and pretty? Yes. But we share bold kind hearts and fierce ambitions, strong and undefinable. Both with full schedules, working profusely towards our goals, we are definitely not the types to sit still and look pretty... except for this photoshoot.  

I have an entrepreneurial nature and I have often spoken with my law girls that we should open a cafe serving matcha desserts but we were beaten by the owners of Little Matcha Girl. However props to them, they have created a beautiful cafe serving beautiful and delicious dessert. The girls who served us were also extremely sweet and kind, friendly and charismatic. No matter how good the food is and the interior design looks, personality and service is vital, as it goes with the rest of life. No matter how good looking a person is, personality is everything. 'A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.' - Roald Dahl

It made for a really lovely morning, enjoying matcha lattes as Jiaxin and I conversed about studies, blogging, family and the unavoidable topic of boys. This collaboration seems to be a recurring event but who can complain about pretty food with pretty clothes! I am beginning to become less uncomfortable about dolling up to extremities in daylight for the sake of art. Though taking out our massive cameras to take photos still requires some warming up to for me. I am thankful that Jiaxin is a quick snapper, not a food blogger that takes 20 minutes to get her shot while those around her sit hangry (hungry and angry) waiting to dig in. I probably take longer than her when it comes to taking photos, only because she's too pro.

LOUISE wears TEMT Floral Top / Swarovski Necklace / Lareina Silver Ring / Lareina Rose Studs 
JIAXIN wears Forever New Dress 

 matcha opera gateaux / souffle cheesecake with berry jam and mint Chantilly cream / lemon cheesecake with yuzu glaze, white chocolate & kaffir lime dust / profiterole trio with green tea, black sesame and red bean custard

 hot matcha latte / iced matcha latte


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  2. yuuum! the desserts look so good!


  3. In love with that pink floral shirt!


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