Tuesday, 6 September 2016


"If you don't build your dreams, 
someone will hire you to help build theirs."
-Tony Gaskin

I go by the idea that crazy is better than normal. Wild is better than boring. Insanity is what creates greatness. People call Kanye crazy but if he wasn't crazy do you think he would be so successful? Everything seems wild and absurd until someone does it. I mean who decided it was a good idea to create a box that makes sounds and shines out light? Impossible things are only impossible until someone is crazy enough to bring it on themselves to make it possible.

"On 1 October 1971, just four years after the passing of Walt Disney, thousands of people swarmed near Orlando, Florida to see the grand opening of Walt Disney World. One of Mr Disney's closest companions said to Walt's wife, Lillian, 'I wish Walt was here to see this'. She turned to him and said, 'If Walt didn't see this, it wouldn't be here now'. She was referring to his vision."

"The successful are a lot like magicians, they don't deal in other people's realities. Instead they are bent on creating a new reality for themselves that is different from the one that others accept." You should understand that if you want to live differently to other people, you need to work differently to other people (that is...unless your family is rich, or you win the lotto). If we don't push boundaries and move out of our comfort zones, we will be forever stuck in the place that we are in. If you are happy with your comfort zone, there is nothing wrong with wanting to stay there. Some are happy living in the 'known', it feels safer, and it is easier to just stay there and do what you're taught to do than to break boundaries, and that's completely okay. As long as you are content with that life, then so be it. Life is all about being happy. The only problem is with those people who want it all but give out nothing. And worse more, they complain about being stuck in the same place.

However there are those of us, an increasingly large population of us to be honest (or maybe it's just the people I am lucky to surround myself around) who believe in being and doing more. With action, it first begins in the mind. You must think differently and believe differently. If you are so stuck in the reality that society has placed you in, you will never break out of it. Believing is the first step to greatness, it is the solid foundation for where you build your empire. Without a strong belief, a soft tap could send everything down to crumbles. This is also why it is important to surround yourself with great people, those who believe in you. Sure, haters can fuel your competitive nature to do more, but we equally, if not more, need people who support us and stand by us to keep the foundation strong.

There's no harm in having haters, but we definitely will achieve a lot more with supporters. And don't forget to be one as well! I cannot encourage the complimenting of people's internal beauty enough. Compliments are great, external or internal, as long as they are genuine. But I would hands down say internal compliments are far more touching than external ones. To be complimented on my writing as being 'amazing', that my photography as 'talented', or that every time you spend time with me you 'feel like a strong, independent woman'... those are the thoughts that truly make me think: wow.

People don't compliment enough, I have been told that this is because people don't welcome it. Maybe compliments have been so overused by the ill-intentioned that it has changed the beauty of compliments to poison apples. Some may say a person is beautiful because they want their body for their own physical pleasure. It is sad that not many people give genuine compliments these days. I am forever thankful for the people I have in my life that are positivity boosters, bursting with realness. Thank you for reminding me that I am special. That I have 'an amazing perspective and a desperately and hypnotically creative soul'. That I have 'style, talent, vision, beauty and well-deserved sense of self'. To compliment me and say I have 'undeniable beauty' but better, 'a wonderful class and elegance that make it 10-fold more powerful', thank you.

"I think you are someone that really has more to offer than you even know, yet... and I really want to be around when you blow away your own expectations." For that. I am without words.

The road trip to the Canola fields in York was beautiful. It was shared with equally beautiful people of creative minds with an awe for adventure. There is no other group of people I have yet met who would randomly pull the car over to the side of the road just so that we could jump out and explore something we see in the passing. Spontaneity at it's best! They are a beautiful bunch of inspiring and creative people I am blessed to share my creative moments with.

Venture off into the unknown, even if you do not know what is there, for there is more beauty in discovering something new off the beaten track. Like the flower fields here, every step we took, we had no idea whether or not the soil would sink beneath our feet and we would be consumed by the earth. Every step we took, we had no idea whether we would disturb a menacing bee and get stung. But each step was closer to where we wanted to be, and that is to be in the middle of the flower fields to capture an amazing photo. And I'm proud to say I think we did quite well. The risk was well worth it, the determination to achieve something amazing drove us to the end. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

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*Cheers to Sean Yoong (and Darren Wong) for the portraiture photography 


  1. A beautifully written post, couldn't agree more. And those photos are gorgeous <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. Meaningful post written about compliments. Beautiful post! :-)

    Vinnie Ong


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