Tuesday, 4 October 2016


"Everyone deserves the truth, and needs to hear it... whether they can
 handle the truth depends on their ability to know themselves... if they
 can't handle the reality of reality, then they will likely only disappoint
 a significant other in a truly deep emotional relationship. 
(You don't want to be that significant other).
 - Tomas

Maybe being a very reflective person, on myself and the people and environment around me, has helped me better to face the truth that people bestow upon me. Want to know some truth? I was told by my first boyfriend that his parents didn't like me after meeting them for the first time over a short exchange of conversation. And I was so hurt by the truth. Some would wonder why on earth would he let me know something so horrible like that without any suggestions to help the situation, and to tell me that the thing his parents didn't like was in both my looks and personality... But here's the second half of the truth: I didn't blame him. In my crazy, weird way, I respected his honesty. He had no malicious intent to hurt me, sure it probably wasn't the smartest thing to do to let me know something like this but I see that it comes from a place of honesty. I admire bluntness so far as it is not malicious.

Second truth, my second boyfriend told me his feelings for me was a 7.5 out of 10 when I asked him how much he liked me, after my instincts were ringing like alarms telling me something was not right about the way he was treating me. Again, I was hurt, extremely. To hear from someone that they rated you with a 7.5, probably more painful than finding out his parents not liking you. But again, despite being extremely hurt, I still respected his honesty. Because the guy gets nothing out of the situation by telling you a painful truth. And for him to have the audacity to tell me this, in a sense warning me to not be so invested in him, is something to admire.

Ignorance is bliss, I admit that sometimes I do prefer 'not knowing' than to be hit with the hard truth. But when I am faced with reality, I don't react with negativity towards the messenger. Sometimes the truth hurts and instead of blaming the person who told you the truth, I believe in putting that energy in changing the reality instead. Find out ways to change his parents' feelings towards you, find out ways to change his 7.5 ranked feelings towards you (solution here is to leave, because you can never change someone's feelings by staying)... find solutions to your problems instead of wasting time shooting the messenger. Though the third truth is things never worked out with my first or second boyfriend, I am proud that I faced the truth with honesty and strength. The truth hurts, but you can either run from it or face it head on!    

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