Tuesday, 27 December 2016


halo effect 
The tendency for an impression created in one area to
 influence opinion in another area.

I complained during the early-mid year of 2016 that this was one of the worst years I've ever gone through... only because I had such great expectations for it. It started so well, filled with so much potential, only to fall apart. My mind was so focused with the failures that I almost completely overlooked my accomplishments and my blessings. The negative halo effect, negativity in one small area and it cast a negative shade over everything else.

1. This year I met some of the most amazing people, and bonded even closer with some really special ones. I don't think I've ever been so socially 'out-there', in a very genuine way, in my life, as I have in 2016. It comes down to confidence, to know who you are and for others to feel connected with a real genuine person. It's not like I devoted myself to go out and socialise but life threw me out there: through work, through uni, through blogging, through mutual friends.

2. Work opportunities were alive. Despite complaining about not knowing what I wanted to do career-wise and the impossibility of landing a career in a big law firm (or getting a clerkship in one), I realised I had been given a lot of alternative opportunities, like very steady stepping stones. I had been accepted into legal volunteering places, and then I interned at a solicitor's office and landed a part-time job there. I had numerous interviews with large professional service firms, sure I got turned down but it led me closer to finding out what I want in life.

3. I've always known I have my family for support, but during the tough times that is when you really truly do know. During your darkest times, the people who you find yourself automatically turning to are the ones you know you can truly trust.

2016 started out alright, but it really just fell off the tracks a few months in, and I ended up in a very dark ditch. But instead of crying over it and wallowing in my misfortune, I stood up and channelled my sadness and anger into something truly positive. I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and travelled by myself for the first time. I joined an MMA gym and took up boxing. Instead of wallowing in the negativity, you need to move forward so that good things can arrive quicker!

2016 ended up shaping to be an amazing year, in a very subtle unexpected way. Blessings came in unexpected forms. 2017, though I cannot expect you to be amazing, I know you will bring me more experiences, more lessons and even more blessings. I look forward to it!

2017 will be my final year in university. After 20 years of education, I am finally closing that chapter and will be stepping out into the real world. So for now, I will enjoy the last moments of this chapter. Each chapter brings new experiences, good and bad. And I will greet them with open arms and an open heart.

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