Tuesday, 7 March 2017


"People who love to eat
are always the best people." 
- Julia Child

We had no plans to do brunch in Thailand, thinking of diving into the most raw and dingy hidden places for amazing food. But I was glad we had the chance to see a different light of Thailand. Located at Sukhumvit 49, tucked away from the busy streets of Sukhumvit is this bright and bubbly cafe serving a delicious range of Western food. To think Thailand doesn't know how to do brunch, Rocket Coffee Bar sure does! Bringing ingredients and influences from all around the world into their coffee (from places such as South America and local Thailand), I truly felt like Rocket Coffee Bar was a plane ticket experience for the world's coffee. And for someone who loves to travel, their menu gave me ecstatic feelings.

Stepping into Rocket Coffee Bar brought an ethereal calmness over me. Bangkok was quite an amazing city experience but I fell out of love with the hustle and bustle a few years ago with my frequent travels back to China. So the peaceful, light and airy cafe with it's amazing high ceilings was a nice getaway from the buzz of the city. Everything about this cafe is adorable, especially their range of savoury waffles. The entire vibe of the cafe was extremely modern, from their intriguing hexagonal tiling down to the stylish people enjoying their coffee and food there.

"We take a lot of inspiration from the three S’s of the café industry; Stockholm, Sydney, and San Francisco. From Stockholm, we take the café culture – the idea that your social life revolves around cafes – and emphasize that through the Scandinavian designs and approach to food and bakery. In Sydney, cafes act as outlets that transform throughout the day, changing from family oriented brunch zones during the day to stylish cocktail bars at night, an idea that we try to epitomize in Rocket. Through San Francisco, we take the farm-to-table concept into a Bangkok perspective and work as closely as we can with local producers to build that synergy that can only come from a whole-foods approach." You will have to pay this place a visit to truly understand how they hold true to their inspirations. Their vision itself is inspirational and I commend them for bringing such an amazing idea into life. So if you're ever in the golden city of Bangkok, you know where to go!   

Lareina Maxi Dress / Lareina Headpiece

Salmon & Dill Waffles / Rocket's Benedict


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  1. Lovely pics, the food looks delicious!



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