Tuesday, 7 November 2017


“Trust and attention - these are the scarce
items in a post-scarcity world.” 
- Seth Godin

Really think about it. We live in a world where abundance is the norm. Abundance in food, in people, in opportunities... yet trust and attention are two rare things in this modern world. And for most of you, the first thing you think of is the trust and attention you receive from your (potential) boyfriends or girlfriends... of how difficult it is to form relationships where you are given an abundance of trust and attention, and it's true. But Seth Godin didn't say this in the context of only love. Dive deeper.

How difficult is it to obtain trust and attention from friends? People in general? Customers. As a budding-entrepreneur I've realised the biggest struggle is building that trust and attention from potential customers. You're not a budding-entrepreneur so you're probably not interested in this issue. But okay, think about it as you being the customer. How difficult has it become for you to give trust and attention to 'things': bags, cars, food, computers. Everything EVERYWHERE is trying to sell itself to you, so it's only fair that it's difficult that you give trust and attention to limited amount of things. Is this bad? No. It's simply the truth of reality. Now onto something you're probably more interested in... back to love, in people in general.

Let's not talk about receiving trust and attention from people. Let's talk about GIVING trust and attention to people. Why in this modern world is THAT scarce? Maybe for the same reason, there's so many people we are able to connect with (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube etc.) and so there's many distractions making attention now scarce. And trust? Well when people are all trying to vie for attention they do things which are untruthful... they either exaggerate their positive features or outright lie about who they are. So yeah, that makes trust an issue. Sadly there is no solution other than love and hope to receive love. Be truthful and hope to receive truth. Trust people fearlessly until they give you a reason not to trust them.

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