Tuesday, 20 February 2018


"You are never too old to set another
 goal or to dream a new dream." 
- C.S. Lewis

2017 was a breezy year in that I gave it mediocre effort. I guess the failed attempts to do better got to me. I was always an optimist. People knew me for being bubbly… but those closest to me, truly closest to me, saw that part of me dimmed. Like a candle’s flame losing oxygen. I entered the deadly mindset of “Why try? If I end up exactly where I would have anyway?”. Applying to all those jobs I didn’t even know if I wanted, in the hopes to not end up here, exactly where I am anyway, in a job I never really chose. All those attempts of doing well in my studies only to end up with the same mediocre grades...

But wise mumma Chen taught me not to be a pessimist. Though my progress was not reflected in successful job interviews and flying grades… it is reflected within me. Every experience is a new lesson, every single one is growth most valuable to myself. I am wiser. Growing up, I have always been an over achiever, I have high expectations of myself but the reality of last year showed me that I wasn’t special and I feel like that new perspective of myself was the childhood leaving me and adulthood kicking in. But I refuse to let the ideology that adulthood is dark and boring, filled with disappointment and “settling” for mediocrity, take over me. Sometimes I wish that I could see into the future to find out whether I’m being overly naïve (or often times, too pessimistic). But where’s the fun in that hey? Figuring it all out slowly is all the mystery and fun isn’t it? In some form of sadistic way or another.

It's funny because I wrote the above passage a whole month or two ago and recently I finally saw my hard work and pessistence blossom, proving mumma Chen right. The greatest value in everything is the lessons and growth you will take with you for the rest of your life, paving the path your future self will take. Not everyone will recognise the special light within you, that will always be their loss, never yours. Keep that in mind. No matter how highly you think of them.

Not everyone can be Beyonce, but those who don’t even attempt to work at Beyonce’s level will most definitely not get “there”. It’s talent and hard work, it’s commitment and passion. It’s all of these things in order to gain success. It is not success if any one element is missing. It is a fluke. And of course it's easier said than done. Finding all 4 of these elements is a very difficult task, which makes finally achieving it all the more amazing in an almost miraculous way. 2018, the mark of a new era entering into full-time work, is the time I will regain my indomitable work ethic. An unassailable will to do my best in whatever it is, nomatter how mediocre the job may be. Let’s be the best we can be and make whatever we are handed to do... amazing. Life is what you make it. It can be a grand place.

On the note of Brussels, Belgium, the Grand Place is the most beautiful square I have ever laid my eyes upon. Unfortunately I was too amazed by the place to remember to take a proper photo, but those are the best moments. However, the two quick captures on my phone shall suffice (otherwise you can just Google 'Grand Place'). Grand Place, the place where my SO proceeded to shout to me "there's your father" at every Asian tourist until one bewildering man turned and looked at me with his eyes lit up thinking I was indeed his lost daughter in the group of thousands of tourists gathered around for the Christmas Light Show. Needless to say I was both utterly embarrassed and overly amused. That moment of teary laughter under the wintery night sky, in the arms of my SO surrounded by thousands of fragile lives enjoying the beauty of the lights of the Grand Place in Belgium, will be one of the highlights in this lifetime. For moments like these, I am most grateful.

Brussels was very French. The dominant language here is French. The architecture is also very French so it was wonderful to experience a bit of France without having been there on this trip (next trip it is). On arrival to Brussels I was reminded of how close the countries in Europe were. I had lost my direction to our accomodation. Usually I'm not worried of going in the wrong direction on a train... but not Europe. Getting lost on a train here meant it could lead you to a completely new country instead. 

I loved Brussels, there is so much immense dichotomy between the old and the new, where both can find a home in one single city. It is a shame that the sky was overcast everyday so photos did not capture the potential of this beautiful city. But I look forward to returning to Europe in their Spring/Summer one day! Recollecting, I often confuse several memories of Brussels to belonging to different cities and countries. The shiny fancy European Union buildings made me feel like I was in a completely different city to that which is also home to the historic Grand Place. Anyway, here's to hoping we find the Grand Place of our life soon. Where talent, hardwork, commitment and passion all align like the stars in a glorious night. Fail as much as you can now, so you can get smarter, wiser and more experienced. It is a blessing. Keep your determination and let the law of attraction work in your favour. 

Life is a journey best enjoyed with passion, compassion, humour and some style (sass). So much has changed in the past three years while studying my postgraduate degree in Law. So much change in the area of love, carear, health, family and friends. And I am so grateful for this moment in time that everything is really good. I do not take a single thing or person for granted. 2018, you have been so great to me so far and I understand there is still so much learning and growth to come. Doggie zodiac friends, this Lunar Year really is our year!


  1. Very pleased you liked the capital of my home country ;)


    1. Oh! You're from Belgium? Amazing country, I loved my time there!!

  2. Didn’t know you were such a writer!! Amazing use of words, very inspiring.

    1. Just a hobby of mine :) Haha thanks so much Jon-mark! Glad you enjoyed it :D


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