Tuesday, 26 July 2016


'Never lose your fire'

You should never lose the touch of a child, the carefree silly vibes, the innocent heart. The world is a difficult place and often it brings out the worst in us, and that's okay, but never lose sight of the goodness in you. There was a particular day, for no immediate reason at all, where the world hit me like a tonne of bricks, all of a sudden I started questioning the genuineness of people, whether everything was a lie, or for how long was it a lie for? I was paranoid about the intentions of those around me. It was like a really dark cloud falling over me as I wore tinted glasses and saw nothing but darkness. I was overwhelmed that day, never had I viewed the world as a darker place and I felt extremely lost and isolated. But the negative emotion was too unbearable for me to hold, I could never hate a human being, it is like poison for the soul. So by the end of the day I managed to forgive and sought to highlight their goodness. Thank you G, for being there to talk it through with me. There I found peace. I could not possibly hold hate for more than a day. Forgive and forget, and if you cannot forgive, simply forget. 

Being a positive person, one who sees the good in other people, is not about what people think about you. It is not about achieving the 'angelic' status. It is not about appearing to be a good person in order to be accepted or adored by society. It is not external. It is very much internal. The peace you obtain is for yourself, and it is something extremely beautiful. 

That being said, I may live with peace in my heart and mind, but I am by no means the soft, zen human being one might be akin to. Sagittariuses are a fire sign and I may be deceivingly reserved but I have always been rather reckless. When I was five, I climbed on top of a table at home and knocked over my mother's giant expensive vase. When I was thirteen I got told off by my mother's friend for almost breaking their light as I threw a ball up to the ceiling. When I was sixteen I jumped over a bench and knocked over a stranger's painting and got yelled at in public. I was undeniably a wild child. 

Though those incidents taught me to tone my fire down in order to not wreak havoc upon the lives of others, my fire is still hot enough to bring warmth and fun to my own life. It is a flame that will burn for as long as I breath. I will be that crazy old lady riding in a shopping cart in an empty car park. Hopefully there will be those crazy enough to join me (because someone needs to push the shopping cart you know). Life is better with company.        

I have always been a sneakers girl growing up. That energy inside of me prefers the comfort of sneakers so that I can run and jump around. I live for the advenchaaaas. It is the child that forever thrives inside of me that makes me stare at a foggy night in awe. It is the same child in me that gives me the life and passion to sprint even in five inch stiletto heels. But put me in a pair of Stan Smith sneakers, an over-sized t-shirt and you have me giggling like a 5 year old high on sugar. But not here, I was too cold freezing my pants off in this winter weather to be prancing around in giggles but I was caught doing my go-to cheeky tongue trick, which shall suffice.

*Apologies for the quality of these photos, forgetful me brought along my camera without the SD card (i.e. completely useless) so trusty iPhone had to suffice.

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  1. I learnt the same over years... That there is no point in hate others... If someone has a bad influence on you, just get rid of this person from your life :)


  2. You're absolutely right! :) Great look by the way :)
    xx Walli and Kathi || www.everyonestarling.com

  3. Very nice post dear and the pictures are so rocky!


  4. This is such a good attitude to have! really happy for you that you have this way of thinking. btw red looks amazing on you! definitely your color!


  5. Amazing pictures, I love your outfit, lovely colors as well, thanks for sharing, you look stunning!!!



  6. look chic!


  7. Gorgeous mix of the dress and the stan smith's! x

    Happy weekend,

  8. Love your outfit - you look just so cool :)


    Wiebke von WMBG


  9. Lovely reflections on being positive! Sharing love and positive vibes is just the best! Xx


  10. Cool pictures! Totally agree, keeping our inner child alive is very important for our sanity, as well as letting go.


  11. stunning photographs!!

    Ruby x


  12. I love this outfit and I like how the fire in your subheading goes with the cute t-shirt dress. Plus I don't think the quality of the pictures is too bad :)

    xx, rebecca

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