Tuesday, 9 August 2016


'There is more to life than 
increasing its speed."
- Mohandas Gandhi

*Tsk Tsk, a sound of disapproval. And Tiisch Tiisch? Seems like a cuter version of the sound of disapproval. Disapproving the fact that we are yet again indulging our taste buds, but whatever, we deserve it! Stepping into law, it has warned us of its potential affects on our mental health, the potential for depression. That's why there's often free food and ice-cream and cute things like free massages during 'Stress-less Week' on the lead up to exams. But one week is not enough if anyone is truly on the verge of a mental breakdown. Don't push yourself too hard. I know I did. I wasn't just all words when I wrote Renegade, I kept saying yes to opportunities until I recently had to start saying no to everything, because I had completely exhausted myself and it had a backlash effect. I think this is the definition of burning out.

I often wondered how does one get depression from merely studying a degree? I had thought the orientation talk about mental health was surely the university bluffing. But nope. Having experienced a mental breakdown towards the end of the semester, I realised it is very much possible: (1) When you've been raised to be an overachiever all throughout your schooling and now you don't achieve much at all; (2) Not knowing where you are going in life and thinking you won't be able to achieve the career you want; (3) Coupled with the stress of ordinary life, whether it be those who are living away from home and have to worry about living expenses, or those who unfortunately go through an emotional shock such as loved ones passing away or breakups. Stress adds up!

But don't let it eat you away, exercise is the remedy for the mind. For me Muay Thai has saved my life, figuratively speaking. It feels so good to kick some ass and let out some endorphins and angst. To build physical strength helps build mental strength and confidence. Don't let these appearances deceive, my childhood babe here and I are actually quite fitness orientated, working towards those abs. On top of exercise, good company and food will also ease the stress. Nothing is ever worth destroying your sanity for, if things don't work out now, you have plenty of years for it to work out later. Health comes first. Protect and cherish it.

Tiisch is a beautiful place for great food and amazing company. Their dessert is also a delicious way to cheer yourself up with a bit of sugar high. The interior decor is extremely on point, in the way that it literally brightens your mood. Greenery is a healthy addition to interior decor to bring peace and calmness to the mind. If you ever need to destress, having a nice break in this place will definitely lift your mood. 

JIAXIN wears Sportsgirl Top / Tobi Jacket / Supre Jeans / Steve Madden Heels / Sportsgirl Chocker
LOUISE wears Valleygirl Top / Lareina Blazer / H&M Jeans / Lareina Heels / Lareina Necklace

Orrecchiette Pasta / Cripsy Seared Baramundi

Chai Latte


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  2. I wish we had a bunch of cool free things at our law school :( That place looks like it has amazing food though! Thanks for sharing.


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  4. I Love your outfit <3 It's soo simple but elegant!

  5. Lovely tips on how to stay sane during the semesters, workout works for me too! Xx


  6. This looks stunning! Beautiful post

    Ruby x


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  8. simple but classy outfit, beautiful food & coffee! xoxo


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