Tuesday, 18 April 2017


"I never promised you a happy ending,
You never said you wouldn't make me cry,
but summer love will keep us warm long after
our autumn goodbye,
 autumn goodbye, autumn goodbye"
 - Britney Spears 

In the past, all my relationships have started in Winter. Summer comes and it's 'Summer Love', but none until now, with this one, have made it into Autumn. So no this isn't, as Ms Spears dubbed it, Autumn Goodbye. This one is here to stay.

They say "anyone that encourages intellectual, emotional, artistic or spiritual growth is worth keeping. Don't let them go." But they forget that some people who encourage intellectual growth may do so in the worst way, in the most demeaning way. And those who encourage emotional growth may do so in the most heartless way... So no, be with someone who is kind to you, who is patient and understanding towards you. "If you find yourself thinking 'Wait. Can't say that. He'll think I'm weird and f*cked up.' Ditch them and find someone who responds with something twice as weird and three times as f*cked up." 

When you blurt out something that's completely bizarre because you no longer filter yourself, then you stare at him and he stares back in a moment of silence... But then he bursts out laughing at your idiocy. That's when you know you've found someone of the same wavelength. He doesn't judge your weirdness but fall for it time and time again, and you on the other hand are fulfilled by the fact that you can make him laugh.

It's funny how things work out, not that I can conclude that this is my final 'happy ending' as this is just the beginning of a journey. But I have found a journey very much worth the ride. Retrospectively, everything happened in a very specific way to bring me onto this path, onto the beginning of this journey. I had to meet certain people, lose certain people, be emotionally pushed to my limits, follow my passions and follow my outlets which led me to here. And I am no longer just talking about meeting my SO, I am also talking about meeting the beginning of my career path.

Anyway, most things are best kept private. My love life and what I'm hustling for. So until there are mega milestones, I'm sorry, but you guys will just have to be kept in the dark.

Orange Chicabooti Skirt / White Valleygirl Button-up Top / Orange Lareina Coat / 
Lareina White Lace Boots / Christiaan & York Watch (Exclusive Introduction)


  1. A lovely and delicate outfit ;)


  2. I love this outfit!!! You look to cute!



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