Tuesday, 4 April 2017


"Define success on your own terms, 
achieve it by your own rules, 
and build life you're proud to live."
- Anne Sweeney

It's so easy when being surrounded by high-achievers to feel so lost, to become completely persuaded by majority's definition of success. L confided in us about her cousin, how she was a dentist, dating a dentist, about to get married, and moving into the house they bought together. But as my friend Q says, "Define your own success!".

Just because they have a full-time job that pays well, doesn't mean that's what necessarily makes you happy. Maybe you'll rather be free-spirited, to travel, to meet more people, to see the world and to touch the lives of those less fortunate. Just because they are getting married, doesn't mean the life of being committed to someone is what is best for you right now. There's so much in the world to discover on your own without having to be reminded that you have a band around your finger tying you down to someone else. And lastly, they might have a house already, but think about the burden of a mortgage. Congratulations to the couple for being dentists, marrying an equally "qualified" person and having their own home! That is their definition of success and I am wholeheartedly happy for them but don't let the traditional ideologies of 'success' disillusion you to your own definition of success. Success for you could be to just travel the world, to have an easy paying job and a roof over your head. Why think less of this version of 'success'? Success is whatever truly makes you happy!

Law is depressing because everyone seems to think that we should have a job straight out of university, but times are tough right now. We won't get what we, as naive first year law students, thought we would end up with. So it's time to re-evaluate. Lead your own life, at your own pace. You may not have an assured graduate job at the best law firm straight out of university, but it doesn't mean you are not successful. You have completed a law degree, that is an accomplishment that should not be overlooked. Take the time to celebrate that instead of getting lost wallowing about the fact that you are unemployed. To all my law friends, don't let everyone's visions for themselves cloud your own desires. Success is having a life you are happy in. Money doesn't define us, nor should the prestige of a big firm or corporation. What truly defines us, as corny as it sounds, is our inner intellect, our morality, our humanity. Stuck to a desk from 8am to 9pm, doing work you don't truly believe in, sucks the life out of your soul.  

Lareina Thigh High Boots / Lareina Royal Blue Chiffon Mini Dress / Subtlety Dark Blue Coat / MIMCO Cross-body Bag 


  1. Love those boots and the rest of the outfit. Do whats makes you happy.Thats the real Success!!!


  2. Great outfit ... black high boots are so chic :)



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